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Phonics is essential in helping children to develop good reading and spelling skills.The ability to read and write well is a vital skill for all children, paving the way for an enjoyable and successful school experience.


At Fulfen we use a published scheme called 'Song of Sounds' to teach Phonics. Children are taught 42 basic and 17 complex phonemes (sounds). They immediately learn to blend (merge sounds) and segment (break words up into sounds) using taught phonemes to enable them to read and write. Children are also taught to recognise and write 'tricky' words (those that can not be sounded out) e.g said, was, the.


Phonics is fun! Our lessons include: songs, table top games, interactive computer games and practical activities using different media and materials. Each lesson has 4 parts; children revise sounds they have previously been taught, are taught a new sound/word, practise what they have been taught and then apply their new phonics knowledge.




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