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It is with great pleasure that I welcome you on behalf of the Governors, Staff and Pupils of our school. I passionately believe that children deserve the very best education and care and I am committed to ensuring we provide that here at Fulfen. I thoroughly enjoy working at Fulfen and sincerely hope that you and your child's time here with us prove to be equally happy.

At Fulfen Primary School every child is important. We want your child’s time at Fulfen to be a positive experience and hope that they look back on their time here as a very happy one. High self-esteem is encouraged, high expectations, standards and values are fostered and progress and achievement are positively monitored and celebrated.

Fulfen has many good qualities, the most important of these being a dedicated and caring staff who share a wealth of experience. In addition, we have excellent facilities in a beautiful setting and enjoy support from the local community. It certainly is an exciting time here at Fulfen where new initiatives are having a very positive impact on standards. In partnership with parents, we strive to ensure academic success and develop personal qualities in pupils of which we can be proud.

We strive to make our curriculum exciting, challenging and engaging and encourage children to be independent learners. We aim to provide every opportunity for children to apply Literacy, Numeracy and Information technology skills across their learning in addition to co-operative group work and presentation skills. We want all children to achieve the highest possible standards and make maximum progress in relation to their prior learning. It is our priority that we ensure children thrive here at Fulfen in every way and acquire skills to become lifelong learners.

Miss Jane Davies



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Fulfen Primary School

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Main Contact: Mrs S Steele

Tel: 01543 226070

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