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The Great Fire of London...Year 2 Style!

What a week it was! The Great Fire of London was alive once more in the Year 2 class rooms! First our children used the boxes we have been collecting to construct London. The tables were arranged into the narrow streets and the boxes placed on top to demonstrate the tall, congested buildings the people lived in during 1666. Next the children took it in turns to be the flames rising from Pudding Lane, the breezes blowing the fire through the wooden buildings and the Londoners racing to escape the city! Can you spot the boat men refusing to save them and take them across the River Thames? The children had a snap-shot of what life was like at this time. They then created amazing diaries as if they were there. Miss Bate and Mrs Malcolm were so proud of their sensible and thoughtful responses. They had a fantastic time too. Well done Year 2! Many thanks for all the boxes.

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