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Newsletter Wednesday 27th September

In spellings this week, we have been investigating what happens to a verb when you add "ing" to it.

We've found that:

  • if a verb ends in two consonants (e.g. push), we just add ing (pushing)
  • if a verb ends with a vowel and a consonant (e.g. plan) we double the consonant and then and ing (planning)
  • if a verb ends in e (wave), we take off the e and add ing (waving)

Please practise some of these at home!

In maths, we've started looking at addition and subtraction.   How fast can you answer questions for number bonds within 20?

Look at the optional homework sheets below if you want to practise these skills and get super quick!  Knowing number bonds within 20 securely, will give your child a huge amount of confidence in many other areas of maths.

In English, we've started looking at "Diaries". Soon, we'll be writing our own!

Please remember: I you know anyone who works somewhere that can donate large cardboard boxes, we'll be collecting them the week before half term!  The bigger the better and the more boxes the better!

We had a great day on European Languages day (26th September) - the children made bookmarks and we had a visitor who showed the children some Polish artefacts and brought in some traditional Polish biscuits.  Many thanks to Mrs Wright for this!

We've also spent some time this week practising our songs for Harvest Festival - we hope you'll come to join us on 10th October!



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