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Disaster Struck in 2M!

What an exciting time 2M had on Tuesday!  The children were just starting their maths lesson when someone announced that the door handle had come off the door!  The door was stuck and we were all trapped inside!  We didn't need to worry though as we quickly composed an email and sent it to the office and the school care-taker Mr Etchells was soon on the case!

This would be a great opportunity for your child to practise their diary writing skills that we have been learning about.  Why don' t you ask your child to write a diary entry about what happened?

They should include:

  • adjectives to describe
  • verbs in the past tense (correctly spelling any ending in ed)
  • time connectives at the start of sentences
  • a description of how they felt
  • correctly punctuated sentences that make sense

You'll enjoy reading about this exciting event and any children who bring their diary entry in can have an extra raffle ticket.

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