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Year 4 Home Learning - Spring 2


In maths this half term, we will start working on Multiplication and Division, Area and Fractions. Please work through these lessons on each unit:

Lessons for Multiplication and Division 

If you are not confident with your times-tables up to 12x12, you may need a times-table square to help you- one can be found at the bottom of this page or if you Google search 'times-table square' you will have many options.

Lessons for Area

These lessons also teach Perimeter which we have covered in Spring 1, you may like to recap the learning or start at lesson 6 to advance straight on to Area.

Lessons for Fractions


In English this half term, we would like you to write a newspaper report on King Kong rampaging through New York City.

The book 'King Kong' by Anthony Brown is on Seesaw which you can read before you start writing. There are also clips on YouTube of the old 1933 film you can watch with parents permission.

To write your final report please use a template on Pages which has the structure of a newspaper report, they can be found in the bottom options.

Lesson 1- Features of a newspaper report

Lesson 1 continued

Lesson 2- Writing an introduction

Lesson 3- Speech punctuation

Lesson 4- Planning the final paragraphs

Lesson 5- Writing our final paragraphs

Lesson 6- To edit our report

Lesson 7- To write our final newspaper report


In our Geography unit this term we will be conducting a local study of Burntwood and the local area. This will involve you getting outside and exploring the area around you.

Work through these lessons and videos to understand the Geography skills we will be using throughout this unit before moving on to our own tailored lessons: Fieldwork

Lesson 1- If you can, go for a walk around your local area. What natural and human features can you find? Take pictures of shops, rivers, fields, bridges, sculptures you see and create an iMovie Trailer of your photos with labels saying whether the feature is a human feature (man-made) or a natural feature.
Lesson 2- Use Google Maps or another Map you have of the local area and plan a route you might walk. You can do this by taking a screenshot/picture and drawing on your photo as a 'mark-up' or by creating a KeyNote and drawing on your slide once you have uploaded your map. 
Lesson 3- With an adult you trust, walk your planned map and ask people you meet these three questions: Why are you visiting Burntwood today? What do you like about the local area? What would you like to improve about the local area? Make sure an adult works with you and you ask for permission before asking the questions. We will use the data you gather in out next lessons.
Lesson 4- Create a way of presenting your data. Could you draw a bar chart for each questions showing the numbers of people who said each answer? Could you create a written report explaining what your data found? Get creative with how you show your data, you could use the BBC Bitesize lessons to help you.

Extra Lesson- Create a tour guide for your local area on KeyNote. Use the pictures, data and map you have created to develop your own KeyNote which acts as a tour guided for your local area. You could add transitions and hyperlinks on each page to make your KeyNote act as a website with buttons taking you to different pages. We can't wait to see what you create!


Our unit this term is electricity! There are two links below which have some great lessons on electricty, but before you start those we have a challenge for you... How many electrical items can you find in your house? Go on a hunt and count how many you can find however be careful and don't put your fingers anywhere near the plug sockets!

BBC Bitesize

The Oak National Academy


Some extra fun lessons

Why not take a look at these lessons if you're looking for something different?

Music- Timbre- Exploring Percussion

These lessons look at how we can use our own bodies as percussion instruments and explores beatboxing!

Drama- Stories Shared Across the World

Would you like to be the next movie star? Try these fun drama lessons about giants, dragons and stealing fire.

Design and Technology- Keep It Safe!

These lessons let you design and make your own product that could be used in the real world.


Ongoing Activities

Don’t forget to read each day and complete a quiz on Accelerated Reader once you’re done.  You can also work on your tables on TT Rockstars and perfect your handwriting using “Letterjoin”.

Times Tables (Y2-6) TT RockStars – ideally spend 5-10 minutes a day practising tables;


You will have your reading book and should continue to read for 10-20 minutes a day.  Once you have finished your book, you can log in to Accelerated Reader and take the test in the same way that you would in school. Here is the link for Accelerated Reader - https://ukhosted81.renlearn.co.uk/2249863 - you will only be able to take the test within school hours. 

Handwriting Your child can continue to use Letterjoin at home to practise their handwriting: https://www.letterjoin.co.uk for handwriting practice at home and lots of fun activities. The parent guide and information letter can be downloaded from the website. 

Tablet login: 

Username:  eg8276         

Password:  Swipe an L shape

Desktop login:

Username:  eg8276

Password:  home


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