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Year 2 Home Learning


In maths this half term, we are working on multiplication, division and money.  Click on the links below and work through each activity.  You should aim to do one activity a day to keep those skills simmering!  If you’ve completed all of these activities (or if you just want an extra challenge), then try out some of the problems in the ‘maths challenges’ document at the bottom of the page.

These activities are extra to what we are doing in school:

Multiplication and Division

multiplication and division 




Don't forget to look at the extra document below for some extra maths challenges!



We are reading and writing some great stories in Year 2 this half term!  This unit from Oak Academy and BBC Bitsize provides lessons which will cover similar learning to that in school:

English lessons

English Lessons 


In our topic, we are looking at local history and geography in our Street Detectives topic! 

Can you look at Google Maps and find your house and the school?

Can you draw a map of your route to school?

Can you find out about the life of Samuel Johnson?

Samuel Johnson's birthplace Museum Website

Can you interview a member of your family and ask them about what school was like when they went there?

Can you create 3D model of a famous structure?


We have been doing a lot of work about animals in science.  Find out more about animals here:

The animal kingdom


Ongoing Activities

Don’t forget to read each day and complete a quiz on Accelerated Reader once you’re done.  You can also work on your tables on TT Rockstars, improve your number bonds on Numbots and perfect your handwriting using “Letterjoin”.


Times Tables – (Y2-6) TT RockStars – ideally spend 5-10 minutes a day practising tables;




You will have your reading book and should continue to read for 10-20 minutes a day.  Once you have finished your book, you can log in to Accelerated Reader and take the test in the same way that you would in school. Here is the link for Accelerated Reader - - you will only be able to take the test within school hours. 

Key Stage 1 can also access appropriate books on Big Cat Collins, which has a range of books in colour bands -

Follow the link, then log in:

Choose school: Fulfen Primary School   Day: 1     Month: January      Surname: A       Year: 1

Year 1 – Year 6 can now access non-fiction online books on Myon.  To access these, go to The username and password uses this structure:
Username: RSmith

Password: Smith123


Handwriting – Your child can continue to use Letterjoin at home to practise their handwriting: for handwriting practice at home and lots of fun activities. The parent guide and information letter can be downloaded from the website. 

Tablet login: 

Username:  eg8276         

Password:  Swipe an L shape

Desktop login:

Username:  eg8276

Password:  home


Purple Mash – Your child already has a log-in for this site and can access a multitude of activities and games.


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