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Year 2 Home Learning

Spring Term


In Maths this half term, we are working on Multiplication and Division. We will begin with Multiplication by identifying equal groups and then using skip counting and arrays. We will also be starting to learn and practise our 2, 5 and 10 times table using these methods. Then we will move onto Division later on in the term where we will be re-capping equal groups and learning how to make equal groups through sharing. Click on the links below and work through each activity. You should aim to do one activity a day to keep those skills simmering! 

To Recognise and Add Equal Groups

To Add Equal Groups

To Solve Problems Using Repeated Patterns

To Share A Total Equally

To Share A Total Equally and Find the Number of Groups (Part 1)

To Share A Total Equally and Find the Number of Groups (Part 2)

To Explore Arrays (Part 1) 

To Explore Arrays (Part 2)



Will we be writing a diary entry to begin the half term based on the fiction book 'The Bear and the Piano' by David Litchfield. In Guided Reading we are learning and practising comprehension skills such as inference, sequencing and retrieval. Our first text is the song 'How Far I'll Go' By Alessia Cara from Disney's Moana and our second text is 'We're Going to Find the Monster!' by Malorie Blackman and Dapo Adeola. The following links will help support the text types covered within school. 

To Listen to A Recount

To Use the Past Tense

To Retrieve Information

To Box Up a Recount for Purpose (Exploring Thoughts and Feelings)

To Identify Features of a Recount

To Write a Recount (Part 1)

To Write a Recount (Part 2)

To Write a Recount (Part 3)



Our History lessons are focussed on Explorers. We will be learning about three different explorers: Christopher Columbus, Neil Armstrong and Mary Seacole. We will be learning about their lives through looking at key dates, how they travelled and explored, the places they travelled and explored, what society was like during their lifetime and important primary and secondary artefacts that teach us about the times when these explorers were alive. You can use the following links to reserach information and create a profile or a poster for each explorer explaining why they are famous and important.

What is an Explorer?

Who was Neil Armstrong?

Who was Christopher Columbus?

Who was Mary Seacole?



In Science this term, our unit is called 'Animals Including Humans' and we will be learning about animal offspring, the basic needs of human survival and how to live a healthy lifestyle. We will be learning and using different scientific skills such as asking and answering questions and making observations.

What Types of Food Do Animals Eat?

The Life Cycle of Animals

What Do Animals Need to Survive?

Why Is Exercise So Important?

What Is A Healthy Diet?


Ongoing Activities

Don’t forget to read each day and complete a quiz on Accelerated Reader once you’re done.  You can also work on your tables on TT Rockstars, improve your number bonds on Numbots and perfect your handwriting using “Letterjoin”.


Times Tables – (Y2-6) TT RockStars – ideally spend 5-10 minutes a day practising tables;



You will have your reading book and should continue to read for 10-20 minutes a day.  Once you have finished your book, you can log in to Accelerated Reader and take the test in the same way that you would in school. Here is the link for Accelerated Reader - - you will only be able to take the test within school hours. 


Handwriting – Your child can continue to use Letterjoin at home to practise their handwriting: for handwriting practice at home and lots of fun activities. The parent guide and information letter can be downloaded from the website. 

Tablet login: 

Username:  eg8276         

Password:  Swipe an L shape

Desktop login:

Username:  eg8276

Password:  home


Purple Mash – Your child already has a log-in for this site and can access a multitude of activities and games.


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