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Year 1 Home Learning


In Spring term, for the first half term, we will be learning about addition and subtraction of numbers within 10. We will then move on to 2Dand 3D shapes. Click on the links below and work through each activity. You should aim to do one activity a day to keep those skills simmering! 

If you’ve completed all of these activities (or if you just want an extra challenge), then try out some of the problems in the ‘maths challenges’ document at the bottom of the page.

Numbers to 10

Recognising number bonds to five and six

Recognising number bonds to seven and eight

Recognising number bonds to nine and ten

Comparing numbers within 10

Ordering two or more numbers within 10

One more and one less within 10

Comparing numbers within 10

Ordering numbers within 10


Addition and Subtraction within 10

Combining sets (count all)

Combining sets (count on)



Identifying simple 2D shapes from a pattern.

To identify 2D shapes.

To recognise and describe repeating shape patterns.

To recognise and create repeating patterns.

Consolidating shape knowledge.



In Spring 1, we will be reading the story William's Winter Wish. We will be focusing on reading and writing interesting sentences using the correct punctuation (this will include writing questions). Then we will retell the story (orally and then written). These lessons from BBC Bitesize and Oak Academy will help the children to practise these skills.

Capital letters and full stops

Saying sentences out loud

Writing sentences

Capital letters

Using full stops

Writing questions

Using adjectives

Showing understanding of a text

Spelling tricky words

Listening and responding to a story



Our Science this half term is Animals Including Humans. We will be identifying the different animal groups, discovering what different animals eat, describing the basic structure of animals and then moving onto exploring the human body and needs. These lessons from BBC Bitesize and Oak Academy will support the children through this unit.

Human Lifestyle


The Human Body

Can the children select 2 different animals and compare them?

Can the children identify parts of the human body?



This half term in our Music lessons we are focusing on listening to a wide variety of musical pieces and learning to answer and ask questions based on their rhythm, use of instruments and style. Here is a useful lesson from BBC Bitesize to help support your child with this.

Describing Music


Ongoing Activities


You will have your reading book and should continue to read for 10-20 minutes a day. 

Your child can also access age-appropriate books here.

Simply create a free parent account, activate it and look through the e-book library.

Handwriting – Your child can continue to use Letterjoin at home to practise their handwriting: for handwriting practice at home and lots of fun activities. The parent guide and information letter can be downloaded from the website. 

Tablet login: 

Username:  eg8276         

Password:  Swipe an L shape

Desktop login:

Username:  eg8276

Password:  home


Purple Mash – Your child already has a log-in for this site and can access a multitude of activities and games.


We are currently learning phonemes from Rocket Phonics.

PhonicsPlay - this website has some free phonics games for children to access and practise the different sounds. 

There are also some documents below to help the children to practise their skills.

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