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Supporting your child at home with phonics

How to pronounce pure sounds



How to blend sounds for reading



In school, children use the Song of Sounds rhymes and songs to help them learn and remember the sounds.  Below are two videos that summarise the rhymes.




You might want to write sound buttons onto a word or ask your child to do this.  This supports the children in recognising the individual sounds in each word.


We use a dot to represent a single letter sound.


We use a line to represent a digraph (a combination of two letters that make one sound) or a trigraph (a combination of three letters that make one sound).



We use an arc to represent a split digraph (a digraph that has been split by another letter).


There are some websites that offer some free games and resources to support your child with their phonics learning.  Please click on the pictures to access the websites.




At the end of the page, you can download the phoneme finders for each stage of the Song of Sounds.  These also contain the tricky words that children should learn to read an spell.


You can also find more information about early reading and phonics on the Reception Class page.




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