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Fulfen's Historians!

At Fulfen Primary School it is our intent that within our teaching of History, children will gain reasoning in reasoned knowledge and understanding of Britain’s past in addition to that of the wider world. By creating links to a range of topics, we aim to inspire curiosity and encourage all learners to think critically about how past events have impacted the world we currently live in. Furthermore, through the teaching of History, we strive to teach children to understand the complexity of human nature, the process of change, the diversity of societies and relationships between different groups, in addition to their own identity and challenges of being a citizen of the global community.

The teaching and learning of History at Fulfen Primary School aims to foster a genuine interest and instil a life-long love for History. It aims to equip children with skills that are specific to History that can be developed through the use of first-hand experiences such as visits, visitors, handling artefacts, examining primary and secondary sources, storytelling, role play and drama. With creativity, anything is possible. We are determined to inspire curiosity and fuel imagination in our pupils whilst empowering them to delve into the past and embrace the uniqueness of their ideas. 



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