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Geography at Fulfen

In Geography pupils develop their knowledge of people and

We explore the physical, social and economic forces which
shape the world and the lifestyles of different people and 
cultures. This starts with our local area; pupils will be given
opportunities to learn more about the features/issues facing
Burntwood and Staffordshire. An essential part of this
understanding is ensuring that pupils have chance for fieldwork

studies in and around Burntwood. 

Such studies and understanding will also be extended and
compared with the wider world. Children will learn to use maps
to locate both physical (e.g. mountain ranges, rivers) and human
(e.g. cities, country borders) features. They will use atlases, photos and different online resources to explore the environment and economies of those countries which they study. 

Geography is also a fantastic lens through which to develop 
other skills vital across the curriculum. Pupils will be able to
record and communicate their findings by utilising skills that they
have developed in numeracy, ICT and particularly writing. 

Useful Links:
Oxford Owl - Friendly overview of Geography curriculum and what
you can do at home.
Oxford Owl Geography - Information on importance of fieldwork.
Geography Fieldwork

National Geographic Kids - Reliable
bank of child-friendly resources.
Also offer magazine subscriptions! yes
NatGeoKids Home

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