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Art and Design

What it means to become an artist at Fulfen.

Art at Fulfen is lively and engaging and the wonderful work that the children create is celebrated in fabulous displays around school to share their succes with all of the school community.

During their time at Fulfen, pupils are encouraged and equipped with the confidence to invent and create their own works of art. Opportunities to engage with art can have a magical impact on a child's development and we believe that art also provides an alternative opportunity to reward the unique skills of children who learn differently.

Art education should engage, inspire and challenge pupils of all abilities . From early years to Key stage 2 Fulfen aims to provide a safe and nurturing environment where pupils are encouraged to take creative risks and to learn from their own ideas .

At Fulfen we encourage the children to; 

have a love of the arts.

have confidence to experiment, invent and create using a wide range of materials

have an opportunity to experience “real life art” at art galleries and exhibitions or in their community.

are engaged, inspired and challenged by other artists and each other.

develop a wide vocabulary to understand and talk about and think critically about art.

Reflect on how Art and Design shapes our history and contributes to our culture, creativity and wealth of the nation.

Art enhances learning that takes place in themed topics , there are many ways children can learn about the world its history , geography and culture by researching the great artists of our past and the exciting artists that have an impact on our world today.


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Useful Links

Let these artists inpsire you, click on the links and let artists show you their sketchbooks;

Art Galleries have some great links for children now .

Tate Kids is great for research and interactive art games.

Google Arts holds so many amazing pages to jump into and explore Art , Culture, History and so much more.


Portraits- Mr Picasso head

Face it – portraits


Inside Art- explore paintings

Mondrian paintings

Interactive resource links


Build a collage

Art activities using different processes

London art galleries


Animal habitats

Henri Rousseau

Georges Seurat

Stone age cave paintings


Greek sculpture

The Bayeux Tapestry

Islamic art



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